Darultek Instrument

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The Company Darultek Instrument Sdn Bhd, with an understanding that each member of staffs will contribute to the success of the company by taking up responsibility in their respective field.Darultek Instrument Sdn Bhd highly emphasising theireffort in the provision of efficient after sales service-by upgrading the technical and service department of the company with the support of principle All sales staffs will be provided in-house training so that they can assist the customer before any broke down equipment is send to the service department.Under the existing management leadership and determination,“DARULTEK” has been constantly pushing ahead in achieving its goal.Today, the Company has a thriving business.

Having dedicated and innovative team,“DARULTEK” will continue to improve and develop themselves to meet ever demanding customer. “Darultek” have a range of local manufactured/assembled provide hand-onRobotic/Pneumatic/Electro-pneumatic training systems, aiming to provide hand-on vocational training for students in the process of control. These system is a real life, practical systems, allowing the student to design and understand all control process.

Having supplied to many higher learning institutions, we aim to be one of the top country supplier in this sector. In addition,“Darultek” has their own technical department /workshop / training facilities to back up the ales and marketing department.“DARULTEK” also provide AUTHORISED TRAINING as well as CERTIFICATION with relevant professional bodies namely FLUKE NETWORKSCERTIFICATION at it’s training centre.